Good Shepherd Cheese
Good Shepherd Cheese

Our Good Shepherd Sheep Cheese

There are hundreds of choices for cheese available for discriminating cheese lovers.  So why should you consider our Good Shepherd Sheep Cheese?


There is nothing like fresh milk when it comes to making great cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. You can really taste the difference!  But why is our cheese so great?

Here at Good Shepherd Cheese our sheep graze on lush green pastures that are full of orchard-grass, clover, Timothy and natural flora.  This diversity of plant life is a virtual banquet table as far as the sheep are concerned.  Our sheep live on this pasture day and night.  They are rotated to fresh pasture daily to keep them healthy and to provide fresh grazing continuously. Our East Friesian Sheep live naturally here on the farm with no steroids or growth hormones.  They receive a little grain at milking time to make milking something they look forward to each day.


We milk our sheep daily and the milk is stored in our refrigerated milk tank until cheese making time.  We make Good Shepherd Cheese 2-3 times per week.  The milk is gently transferred to our cheese vat, where we make small 35 gallon batches of artisan cheese.  The milk is warmed to 90 degrees then cultures and rennet are added to form the curds & whey (very technical Little Miss Muffet stuff).  The curds are cooked and stirred by hand then hand pressed into molds.  The entire process is done the traditional way with no machines involved.  Our cheeses remain in the molds for 3 hours with a bowl of warm water on top to provide the weight for pressing.  The cheeses are then salted in the cheese cave and begin the aging process.


During aging, the cheese cave remains at 55 degrees and 85% humidity.  The cheeses are washed and brushed and turned by hand regularly for the 3 to 5 months of aging.  We follow closely to traditional methods of cheese making used in the Basque region for centuries.  If you love the taste of a traditional farmstead sheep cheese, be sure to give our Good Shepherd Cheese a try.  You can Taste the Tradition.